Langdon Park – One Wish Too Many (1953)

One Wish Too Many (1953) | Langdon Park

Children’s Film Foundation film made around the futuristic Lansbury Estate (named after Labour leader, radical firebrand and grandfather of Oliver Postgate and Angela, George Lansbury). Young Tony Richmond is the luckiest lad in Poplar, as he finds a magic marble that grants him any wish he wants. He wishes for a giant steam-roller with which to go on a rampage of High Modernist architectural criticism, trashing the crumbling, bomb-damaged remains of the old East End.

The gap between Devons Road and All Saints stations was one of the biggest on Docklands Light railway, with the pedestrian bridge connecting Carmen Street on Lansbury Estate and Bright Street next to Langdon Park being the best location, construction began in 2006. While ‘One Wish too Many’ doesn’t stand out from the Children’s Film Foundation’s large inventory of London films like ‘The Monster of Highgate Ponds‘ (at Kentish Town West on the map) and a few others, it has nonetheless acquired a small cult following among aficionados of 20th century town planning and its impacts on working class London.