Music for Films: Box Set – The Wild World of Batwomen

1 hour 20 minutes. NSFW. RSS/download.

2 hours. NSFW. RSS/download.

Tim Concannon and Dr. Shruti Narayanswamy discuss Bat Amazons, all-girl garage bands, Indian and Mexican women super heroes and Sixties Batwoman ripoffs ‘The Wild World of Batwoman‘ and ‘La Mujer Murcielago‘ (The Mexican Batwoman) starring Maura Monti.

From part one… more on the missing Indian film about female master criminal ‘The Wildcat of Bombay’ (including rare stills from the song booklet) is here, and on more on Mary Evans aka ‘Fearless Nadia’ here. The whole documentary ‘Supermen of Malegaon’ is online here. The ‘Jimmy Olsen’ comics, written by Jack Kirby, in which Superman goes to a secret NASA Moon where a knock-off Dracula lives, are issues 142 & 143.

Bat Amazons in ‘Batman Fights Dracula‘ (1967)

From part two… Betmen Yarasa Adam (Turkish Batman) is here. Cem Kaya’s documentary ‘Motör’ is here. We mention the US Equal Pay Act of 1963, Gloria Steinem’s 1963 ‘A Bunny’s Tale’ articles from ‘Show’ magazine (part one, part two), and the Mexico 68 movement. George Lucas’ film ‘The Emperor‘. Fred Olen Ray’s book ‘The New Poverty Row: Independent Filmmakers as Distributors‘ features a chapter on Jerry Warren. Tim’s article on ‘Targets’.

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