Music for Films: Box Set – Wonderwall & Zacariah

1 hour 50 minutes. NSFW. RSS/download.

Dr. Shruti Narayanswamy and Tim Concannon discuss Joe Massot’s two psychedelic oddities, 1968’s ‘Wonderwall‘ – with a score by George Harrison and a supergroup of India’s finest musicians – and Firesign Theatre’s 1971 electric Western ‘Zachariah‘.

1 hour 6 minutes. NSFW. RSS/download.

Documentaries mentioned are Cosmo Feilding-Mellen ‘The Sunshine Makers‘, Paul Saltzman’s ‘Meeting the Beatles In India‘, Errol Morris’s ‘My Psychedelic Love Story‘ and Richard Beymer’s ‘It’s a Beautiful World‘. There’s audio from a very long 29th September 1969 interview which David Frost did with Lennon and Harrison on Transcendental Meditation, not great quality as it was recorded from the TV at the time, but still listenable to. In part two we discuss Massot’s Led Zeppelin concert film ‘The Song Remains The Same‘ and Conrad Rooks’s ‘Siddhartha‘, Hal Blaine’sPsychedelic Percussion‘ and Beaver & Krause’sRagnarök (Electronic Funk)‘, and the documentaries ‘Summer of Soul‘ and ‘Wavemakers‘.

Shruti’s ‘Film History’ article mentioned in the show, ‘Sanitizing Cinema: Women at Work in 1920s Bombay’.

The scene from ‘Help!’ which inspired George Harrison’s lifelong interest in Indian classical music.

Recording ‘Wonderwall Music’ at HMV Studios in Mumbai, January 1968. We’d love to know the name of Rijram Desad’s cool assistant that day, beaming in the photo.

Below: George flew into Bombay wearing a groovy hat. Vinayek Vora, on taar-shehnai, Shambhu Das, George flanked by unnamed engineers, Rijram Desad at harmonium. S.R. Kenkare on shehnai, left. George and the cast promoting ‘Wonderwall’ at the Cannes film festival.

Dr. Mike Jones at Liverpool University has found some of these previously uncredited British Asian musicians who performed onWithin You, Without You‘.