Music for Films: It Happened Here


First broadcast 6am, 24th September 2016 on Resonance FM in London

Every month, interesting people talk about the music, films and music for films which have shaped their lives.

Tim Concannon, Roz Kaveney and Shruti Narayanswamy visit Chester Mews, Regent’s Park, where a Nazi marching band from a parallel universe once walked past the door of Defence Minister John Profumo.

Over eight years, directors Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo made ‘It Happened Here‘, a chillingly believable depiction of a Nazi dominated England and of the brutality of partisan resistance. Incredibly, given the nuance and sophistication of the film, they began it as teenagers, shooting on 16mm with volunteer extras, some of whom were real Blackshirts. The American trailer cost more than the entire budget of the actual movie.

One of the favourite films of our guest Pat Mills, legendary comics author and editor of ‘Battle’ and ‘2000AD’, the film’s discussed in light of the clear and present dangers of national myths about two world wars.

We ask the questions, and the question is: has it happened here?

2 hour podcast version.

1 hour broadcast version.

15 minute bonus extra, Roz, Tim and Shruti discuss the primordial beginnings of gritty British comics, and the original dodgy Soho comic and SF book shop ‘Dark They Were And Golden Eyed‘.

We also play ‘Station to Station’, the game connecting films on our Scala map of London underground cinema via cast and crew.

This month we connect ‘The Company of Wolves’ via ‘An American Werewolf in London’ to ‘Peeping Tom’ and ‘It Happened Here’.


In the show, we give shout outs to our comrades in arms in radio and podcasting, James DC, Atomic Bark and State of Theory podcast.

On our three year mission to explore the subterranean sources of London’s culture we’ve created the Scala Underground Film Map, which imagines the Tube as a film festival programmed by the legendary cinema at Kings Cross.

London’s radicals, underworlds and counter-cultures over a century of cinema, through a Tube map re-imagined as a film festival programmed by the legendary Scala cinema at Kings Cross.