Music for Films: The Man Who Fell to Earth

First broadcast 8pm, 21st April 2016 on Resonance FM in London
[Repeated 9am 22nd April]

The music, films and music for films which have shaped people’s lives. To start the new series, Roz and Tim are joined by Andy Oppenheimer, Jane Moloney. and Gabriel Balfe: faces of South London’s collective act of remembrance of David Bowie.

2 and a half hour podcast version. Not safe for work.

1 hour broadcast version. Mostly safe for work.

[Contains Bowie swearing, once, near the start, the rest is work safe… As it went out pre-watershed, we put some Handel over the swear for broadcast but we reckon you’re made from tougher stuff than Ofcom].


On our three year mission to explore the subterranean sources of London’s culture we’ve created the Scala Underground Film Map, which imagines the Tube as a film festival programmed by the legendary cinema at Kings Cross.

We visit Bowie’s childhood home off Stockwell Road (it’s at Stockwell on our Scala Map) and the Bowie memorial in Brixton.

Scala map


We discuss Nicholas Roeg’s film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth‘ as a “thick text” containing all the aspects of Bowie’s life and career: from Bromley Mod to the Lazarus of Lafeyette Street, by way of Ziggy, the Thin White Duke and Thomas Newton.

“Ask me…”


“The question you’ve been wanting to ask ever since we met.”

“Are you Lithuanian?”

“I’m from England.”

“Well that’s not as bad.”


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