Music for Films: Stockwell – The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)


In 2016, Tim and Roz visited Bowie’s childhood home off Stockwell Road (it’s at Stockwell on our Scala Underground film map) and the Bowie memorial in Brixton.

We discuss Nicholas Roeg’s film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth‘ as a “thick text” containing all the aspects of Bowie’s life and career: from Bromley Mod to the Lazarus of Lafeyette Street, by way of Ziggy, the Thin White Duke and Thomas Newton.

“Ask me…”


“The question you’ve been wanting to ask ever since we met.”

“Are you Lithuanian?”

“I’m from England.”

“Oh that’s not so terrible.”


Nigel French’s map imagining the London Tube map as Bowie’s career.

In part one we mention Bowie’s music for the soundtrack which ended up on the Berlin trilogy, and the music Roeg used by (Papa) John Phillips, Stomu Yamash’ta and Mick Taylor.

In part two, we discuss the documentary film featuring Roz, ‘Rebel Dykes‘.

An interview with Vic Fair, designer of the film’s distinctive poster (as well as many more on the Scala map).

In part one, as we walk past the ‘lost’ Jazz pub on Stockwell Road which has been known in the past as the ‘The Plough’ or ‘The Plug’ (the building is identifiable as it has ‘Truman’s’ emblazoned on its stonework) we listen to Bowie’s ‘Crystal Japan‘, which appeared on a series of Takara Shochu Jun adverts which were shot at a temple in Kyoto in 1980.

Masayoshi Sukita, the man who photographed David Bowie for 40 years.

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