The Scala Review Show 4 – Nightbirds, with Kim Newman and BFI Flipside

First broadcast 9pm, 12th September 2016, on Resonance FM in London.

Throughout the UK’s annual DIY film festival Scalarama in 2016, Roz Kaveney and guests explored London cinema; showcasing the obscure, the weird, the unusual.

Roz Kaveney and guests author and critic Kim Newman, plus Will Fowler and Vic Pratt from BFI’s Flipside Bl-ray and DVD label, discuss underground director Andy Milligan’s grotty, erotic film ‘Nightbirds‘ set in East London of that most Sixties of years, 1970.

Recorded at a screening at Genesis Cinema, near to where the film was shot in Whitechapel.

(NSFW: you can just about hear somone yell “fuck” and a “cock-sucking sonoffabitch” during the Nightbirds trailer, and we play The Married Monk’s ‘Roma Amor’ which includes the word ‘pissing’; but we did take out a “shitty” after broadcast to describe what’s left of 169 Commercial Road).

Our guest, Kim Newman, considers the Scala map.