West Ealing – Feather Your Nest (1936)

Feather Your Nest (1936) | West Ealing

George Formby stars as an assistant at a gramophone record factory who breaks a wax master disc and then replaces it with his own song, ‘Leaning On A Lamp Post’.

The corner of at least one street which appears in this 1937 film, called “mildly amusing” by TV Guide, is Drayton Green at the junction with Drayton Bridge Road, Lynton Avenue and Courtfield Gardens, near to West Ealing station. West Ealing station itself features, briefly, in the Bernard Vorhaus directed 1936 ‘The Last Journey‘, further down the Liz line at West Drayton.

Formby was an unlikely working class resister of authoritarianism, but perhaps the one that Britain during and immediately after WWII deserved. Touring South Africa with his long-suffering manager and wife Beryl Ingham (Formby was a serial womaniser) in 1946, and two years before the imposition of apartheid, the couple performed to black audiences. Beryl embraced a three-year-old black girl who gave her a box of chocolates. South African Prime Minister and one of the architects of apartheid, D F Malan, turfed the couple out of the country. He was reported to have thundered at them “Never come back here again”. Beryl responded “Why don’t you piss off, you horrible little man?”